1. Zappos


At Zappos, corporate culture is termed “Happiness Culture”. Best Companies has a set of principals that define the company, the employees and everyone involved. They believe in providing service, learning at the same time and creating a bond of trust with their customers. Their way of treating their individual teams as their family is quite well known also.

  • Admirable Conduct!
  • Dedication towards work and a humble approach towards everything.


2. Warby Parker

Warby parker

He promises first and foremost a work culture like no other. Employees are encouraged to get to know each other. They organize events on a fairly regular basis to promote bonding within their respective teams. In fact they have an entire team which is dedicated towards such activities.

  • “Lunch Roulette” where 4 randomly chosen employees dine and get to know each other
  • An absolute delight!


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4. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines

This fantabulous organization has always been committed to doing the best they can for their internal as well as external customers. They are very much bothered about the all round development and wellness of their employees. The founder, Herb Kelleher, considers that maintaining a simple set of values also create great culture at office.

  • Commitment and dedication
  • Adding value and enriching lives.


5. Twitter


A cool as cucumber work culture defines Twitter. The work force concentrates single mindedly on their work while enjoying perks like unlimited vacation. There’s yoga classes and many other recreational activities to keep stress at bay.

  • Work culture is at par with Google
  • Colleagues are extremely friendly with each other.


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7. Chevron


Chevron is very much into the physical well being of its employees. They have world class maternity and adoption policies. You may take a break from work every 45 minutes.

  • Chevron also races ahead of competitors by offering lucrative salary packages.
  • In house health and fitness hubs.


8. SquareSpace


Employees are free to express their views and ideas in this flat structure company. There is ever so much that this company has to offer its employees. Amazing perks, free lunches, vacations and outings make it an absolute delight to work for.

  • The work place is more of a home to its employees.
  • Boat trips, hack weeks, happy hours, SquareSpace has got it all.


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10. Google

A Google as we all know is a great paymaster for engineers. Every engineer wants to work for Google. The individual customised pay packages are quite well known. Since their last expansion they’ve revived their culture and practically everything that makes them Google.

  • One of the biggest companies in the world
  • They attract the best talent in the world


11. REI


America’s most inspiring company in the year 2013 finds a place here. REI has been deemed as one of the best companies to work for because of their packages and their culture and benefits in general.

  • Their senior leadership
  • The famous town hall style meetings are quite well known


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13. Facebook


Their management had to face a lot of flak. They’re still up here in what is their corporate culture. Facebook’s flexible work hours and cool environment still make it a great company to work for.

  • Work for Facebook!
  • Very good stock options and even better career oppurtunities.


14. Adobe


A highly motivated workforce doing everything with great dedication is what makes Adobe stand apart. They have attractive funding for their research projects.

  • Amazing stock options for employees
  • An elite organisation to work for.


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