Surprising Facts

Here are some surprising facts about north Korea like leaders of the North Korea [Past, Present] are treated like Gods by the citizens.

  • North Korea officially termed as DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’s REPUBLIC OF KOREA is located in East Asia.
  • North Korea is situated between China , Russia and South Korea.
  • At the end of the World War II, North Korea was controlled by Soviet Union.
  • The division was based on 38th Parallel which is said to be a temporary division but it remains the same even now.
  • It is an Independent Country since 1948.
  • North Korean flag was adopted when the country became a Socialist Republic.
  • The Flag has 3 bands of blue (Top), Red (Triple width in the middle) and Blue (Bottom). The Red band is bordered with white and on the hoist side of the Red band is a 5 pointed Red star encircled in white.
It is an Independent Country since 1948.
It is an Independent Country since 1948.
    • North Korea is under a familial Dictatorship who threatens South Korea and US frequently.
    • North Koreans are completely inaccessible to Internet. They do have a domestic network which is a closed one- Kwangmyong where people living in the major cities can use them.
    • Government has enabled a 3G access just for the foreigners recently after February 2013.
    • North Korea’s Calendar is based on the Date of Birth of Kim Sung-II. So its 104 now in North Korea whereas for the rest of the world its 2016.
    • North Korea has elections once in Five years but the Ballots have only one option for the Leader.
    • Leaders of the North Korea [Past, Present] are treated like Gods by the citizens.

  • North Korean cuisines includes Cold Noodles, tofu, short-grain rice and porridge.
  • “Three Generation Punishment Rule” is followed in North Korea i.e. if a person is punished it will affect his entire family where Grandparent, Parent and Child will be punished.
  • In 1900’s playing Accordions and teaching them to the citizens was a must and now many continue to specialize in them.
  • Kim Jong-II kidnapped Shin Sang-ok and his wife just to make North Korean Films under his period.
  • After Godzilla, KIM JONG-II made his own version of Godzilla movie called PULGASARI using Shin Sang-OK.
  • KIM-II Sung is considered as North Korea’s Eternal Leader in spite of his heirs taking charge.
The army of North Korea is the largest in the world.
The army of North Korea is the largest in the world.
    • Literacy rate in North Korea is 99% which is self-claimed.
    • Joseph Dresnok, an American Soldier crossed over the mine-laden border after the Korean war and voluntarily stays in North Korea and he feels at home in North Korea according to him.
    • North Korea has just three channels in which two channels operate only during weekends and one channel is broadcasted during evenings.
    • North Korea is the only country who captured US Navy Ship and still has control over it.
    • The political Ideology of North Korea is called as Juche [Self-Reliance] since 2009 and they are no more a communist country.
    • Marijuana is not a drug in the Country and they are legal even in this strict ruled country.
    • North Koreans have a list of approved Haircuts and the citizens are allowed to select only from the list.

  • Founder of North Korea, Kim Sung-II was born on the day the Titanic ship was sunk.
  • North Korean Software engineers use their own Operating System called Red Star OS.
  • Language spoken in North Korea is Korean.
  • North Koreans are traditionally Buddhist and Confucianist. We can find some Christians and syncretic Chondogyo [Religion of Heavenly way].
  • Military and Government Officials are the ones who can own motor vehicles within the country.
  • The citizens of the North Korea are not allowed to celebrate their birthdays that falls either on July 8th or December 17th as they are the death dates of KIM Sung-II and KIM JONG-II. They are allowed to celebrate in a displaced manner.
  • North Korean Space agency is named as NADA which means NOTHING IN SPANISH.
    • The National animal of the country is a mythical winged horse called Chollima.
    • National Anthem of North Korea is Aegukka.
    • North Korean Won (KPW) is the country’s Currency.
    • Pyongyang is a city only for the elite citizens of the country such as trustworthy, loyal and healthy in nature.
    • Human Feces is the only fertilizer available and used in North Korea due to the lack of resources.
    • Half of the Country’s population doesn’t have access to basic needs and amenities.
    • North Koreans are shorter than the South Koreans on an average by 1 to 3 inches.
    • The army of North Korea is the largest in the world.
    • North Korea has the world’s Largest Flag pole which hoists the country’s flag.
    • South Koreans were tried to get attracted towards the North Korea by building a Peace Village called “KIJONG-DONG”.
    • History says more than 20,000 have migrated towards South Korea whereas only a handful has moved towards the North Korea.
    • Three things such as Reading a bible and possessing them, Watching South Korean Movies and watching Porn movies are considered to be illegal in North Korea. They will be sentenced to Death for sure.

  • Kim Jong-II‘s dead body is embalmed and placed in a glass sarcophagus. This is the tourist attraction in the country.
  • A citizen trying to leave the country is a crime in North Korea.
  • North Korean buildings are painted in Grey.
  • Taking pictures of the poor people is considered as a crime in North Korea.
  • When a foreigner enters the country the mobile phones will be confiscated by the officials and will be given back during the time of departure.
  • Around 2 Lakh prisoners are available in the death camp which is a prison.
  • Country’s researchers have claimed that they are the second happiest country after China.
  • Each and every building in North Korea has a Government controlled radio that cannot be turned off.
  • The number of internet users in North Korea is 605.
  • North Korea has huge statues of the leaders all over the public spots.
  • North Korea watched the 2014 world cup with a delay of 24 hours.
  • The government pays for healthcare of the citizen even though there is a lack of medicines and equipments.


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