India has been open to globalization ever since we earned our independence from the British. This modernization has worked wonders for the country and its people. New avenues have opened and there are newer vistas to be explored. However, there were some very common jobs that have somehow disappeared into thin air. Let’s take a look at a few such jobs.

1. Potter


Pottery is probably among the oldest professions in the world. Globalization has impacted such jobs adversely. Pretty soon pottery as a profession may find its place in History books. There was a time when pottery was the only way utensils could be made in order to cook. Stainless steel and ceramic ware have long replaced the humble earthen pot. Modern India has pottery left as a dismal art only.

2. Calligrapher


Calligraphy is the art of producing decorative handwriting which is now escaping us like dust from a fist. There are hardly any calligraphers left and those who are are mostly Urdu calligraphers. Regional language calligraphers are sadly few and far in between. Digital technology has on a huge level made calligraphers redundant.

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4. Broom Maker

Broom Maker

Around a decade ago every household needed a broom. You obviously couldn’t do without a handmade broom. Things have changed ever since. Plastic brooms are the in thing. That is what customers cannot do without. As a result Broomstick makers are now facing huge setbacks in their business. They’ve opted for newer better businesses.

5. Barbers


There used to be the one standard style of hair and beards in India. Westernization changed that a long time ago. Frumpy Indian men are now cool hunks; ultra modern saloons have overshadowed the traditional barbering profession. Only people from a certain community could be barbers earlier.

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7. Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners

If we go back a decade, it was easy to hear the call of a Knife sharpener almost every day in every neighborhood. Atleast in urban areas they were. They are nowhere to be found anymore either.

8. Honey collectors

Honey collectors

There were entire tribes in the business of collecting and selling honey. Others got into the business and these traditional honey collectors who you would also call if you had a beehive on your property are now nowhere to be found. It’s a huge industry now.

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10. Type Writing

Type Writing

Being a typewriter used to be a matter of prestige. A steno used to be an honorable profession but there obviously isn’t any such requirement in the market any more. The invasion of Computers, Printers, Xerox and Fax machines have overhauled the importance of the typewriters.


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