Facts about Nepal

  • Nepal is a sovereign state which is officially termed as Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is located in South Asia.
  • Nepal is 41st in position for the populous country in the world.
  • Nepal is a landlocked country.
  • Nepal is bordered between China and India. It is located along the Himalayas.
  • Nepal has eight highest mountain peaks amongst the ten peaks of the world.
  • Nepal has four main groups such as Hindus from India, Bhotes from Tibet, the hill tribes and Newar of Kathmandu valley.
  • Most of the citizens live in the central part, Kathmandu Valley and the Southern Region.
  • Nepal is flooded with River Ganges and hence the land is fertile to grow crops.
  • The highest peak of the World Mt. Everest is in Nepal.
Nepal is bordered between China and India. It is located along the Himalayas
Nepal is bordered between China and India. It is located along the Himalayas
    • Everest was named so by British after British Sir George Everest but the local Sherpa called the peak as Chomolungma, Goddess Mother of the world.
    • Official Languages of Nepal are Nepali and English.
    • Nepal exports clothing and pulses.
    • Nepal is one of the oldest countries in South Asia and it has not been colonized till date.
    • Nepal is the only country which has a flag not rectangular in shape. It has 2 triangles stacked where upper triangle has a moon and a lower triangle has a sun which is bordered by blue.
    • The Nepal Flag is 2000 years old.
    • Nepal was once famous for Weed but now it’s illegal.

  • Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.
  • Lumbini, is a pilgrim centre for all the Buddhist of the world and they do come here in search of peace and self actualization.
  • Nepal has a low Internet connection and it stands Second for the lowest speed.
  • Nepal is also famous for the Living Goddess called KUMARI who are mostly the pre-pubescent girls who live in the temples. They retire after their puberty.
  • Nepal doesn’t have a record of clash in the name of Religion.
  • Citizens of Nepal have Electricity outages daily even though they have the richest resource Water with them.
Slaughtering of cows is an illegal activity in Nepal
Slaughtering of cows is an illegal activity in Nepal
    • The most offensive act of Nepal is touching anything with the feet.
    • The map of Nepal and Portugal are similar in nature difference is 90 degree.
    • New Year in Nepal is celebrated in the mid of April and the calendar is 67 years ahead of Gregorian calendar.
    • Nepal is otherwise called as the Amazon of Asia.
    • Slaughtering of cows is an illegal activity in Nepal.
    • The living cultural museum of the world is Kathmandu which is rich in heritage.
    • Citizens don’t shake hand here in Nepal instead they put their palms together and bow their heads to say Namaste or Tashidele.
    • Yeti can be seen in the Nepalese Himalayas.
    • The altitudinal variation ranging between 59 metres and 8848 metres can be seen only in Nepal.

  • Nepali cuisine has a blant lentil soup called Dal Bhat for every meal.
  • Momos –dumplings of flour and water filled with fillings such as meat or veggies are most popular and cheap fast food of Nepal.
  • More than 360 species of Orchids are available in Nepal.
  • Around 250 species of flowering plants are endemic in Nepal.
  • Nepalese river has the natural breed of long snouted Gharial crocodile.
  • Snow leopards are available in Nepal.
Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.
Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.
    • Carrom is the most popular game in Nepal.
    • Elephant polo game was originated in Nepal.
    • Saturday is the official weekend in Nepal.
    • Nepal has 123 Languages and around 80 ethnic groups.
    • Nepal has the adventurous sports such as mountaineering, cannoning, paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, etc.
    • Nepalese Gurkhas are famous for courage and bravery and hence they were a part of British Army.
    • Nepal’s Railway has a total distance of 59 kms.
    • The most sacred part of the body is the Head according to Nepalese.
    • Nepal became Secular in 2006 and in 2008 the system of monarchy was ended.

  • Nepalese Rupee is the official currency in Nepal.
  • Nepal is called Land of Lakes and few lakes are found on the mountains which is sure a visual treat.
  • Kali Gandaki Gorge- World’s deepest gorge is present in Nepal
  • Nepal is a nucleus of extreme stunning landscapes where a lake called tilicho is found on the highest altitude of the world whereas Shey Phoksundo is the Deepest Lake and Arun Valley is the highest valley in the world.
  • Beast of burden called yaks can be spotted common in Nepal.
  • Nepal has lot of world records such as shortest person, longest handshake, youngest photographer etc.



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