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behavior affects your personality

Know personality types for your behavior

We all know that your behavior affects your personality . This is what forces a shy person not to speak much when he meets...
make first date successful

Make That First Date a Success

Dating can be as difficult or as easy as you make it. As long as you remember the basics and carry them out successfully,...
about twins

Facts about twins

Twins Are Multiplying If a recent CDC report is to be believed, the birth rate for twins has increased a whopping 76 per cent since...
Why do we fart

Reason…! Why do We Fart?

Why do we fart ? Why do we fart : Flatulence will creep up on you from behind at the worst possible time but then...
why do we blink ?

What is the reason for a Nap?

Now the blink of an eye actually refers to a tenth of a second because that is precisely how long it takes. This is...
why do we sneeze

Why does a person sneeze?

Sneezing is one of our body’s natural defense mechanisms. It is essentially a complex physiological process designed to rid the  of  body foreign invaders...
Why Do We Yawn, Hiccup and Get Goosebumps ?

Why Do We Yawn, Hiccup and Get Goosebumps?

For centuries, all sorts of explanations have come up about why  do we yawn, hiccup and get goosebumps ? Centuries ago, people claimed hiccups...
reason of Déjà vu

What is this Déjà vu and what is the reason for this?

Have you ever felt like you’d been to a place before when you were there for the very first time? How about a conversation...
Benefits of Marijuana

“Marijuana” a medicine

"Marijuana" a medicine, There is a lot of benefits of Marijuana, which is stated in this article and it works to prevent many diseases. Weed...
yoga tips

If you want to improve health then these 31 measures of Yoga

Improves your flexibility This is the most obvious benefit of yoga. You may not be able to touch your toes, or do a backbend in the...