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side effects of mobile phone

Bad effects from Mobile Phone

Paging Dr. Pestilence: Doctors' Dirty Cell Phones New research released on Thursday suggests that your side effects of mobile phone related health issue may stem...
myths about alcohol

About some interesting myth alcohol

Alcohol has been around since forever. However, there’s always been a lot of stigma attached with alcohol and drinking in almost all cultures. It...
benefits of alcohol

What are the benefits of drinking alcohol in our body?

It Can Lower Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease It’s a commonly known fact that higher HDL levels are associated with greater protection against heart disease....
10 Sexiest indian wedding

10 Sexiest Indian wedding customs which are very important to be stopped

Kanyadaan The word Kanyadaan comprises of two different words, “kanya” meaning girl and “daan” meaning to give away. Basically, the ritual in a Hindu marriage...
types of thali

10 Different types of Thali ‘s found in India

Here we have the list of different types of thali in India. Like Keralite Thali, Andhra Thali, Maharashtrian Thali, Gujarathi Thali, or etc.., Keralite Thali The...