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Martyrs Day

Martyrs' Day  a celebration on the memory of our soldiers to salute their martyrdom. These soldiers have fought for us saved us faced the...
strangest names

Funniest and strangest names on earth.

Name is something which is very important. Every place has its own identity either by the food or culture or any other but what...

Iraq: The most Dangerous Place on Earth

Most of the Irish and Britons have their roots from Iraq and Syria. The Martyr’s Monument in memory of warriors who died...
Facts about Iran

Iran: The islamic State

Facts about Iran:Iran is a sovereign state in Western Asia. Iran is one of the few countries in the world where a couple can...
highest paid musicians

10 Highest Earning Bands Of All Time

ABBA – Certified Unit Sales: 58 Million ABBA is the only Swedish band to make it to this list.  The band released their first album...
Facts about Mexico

Know why Mexico is different ?

Facts about Mexico There are different facts about Mexico Mexico is a federal republic located in North America The country is bordered...
rape statistics

Rape in the Origins of So Many Religions, Interesting !

Stories like the virgin birth lack freely given female consent. Why don’t they bother us more? Human women being impregnated by powerful gods and demi...
secret of USA

A secret of USA – Area 51

  There are many secret of USA, Like AREA 51, Churchill and Hitler’s Execution,My Lai Massacre,Operation Gladio,The Lost Bomb or etc.. AREA 51 It’s time for some...
facts about china

A country with strange facts : China

There are so many facts about china. By check out these facts about China. Here are different facts about China today that might surprise...
Breeds of Dogs

25 Breeds of Dogs which are very Dangerous

Do you know who is the biggest breeds of dogs in the world. Here is a list of the 25 breeds of dogs that...