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magical places in the world

35 Magical Places of the world that calm your inner Soul

These are beautiful little places where your heart and soul can find their own slice of heaven. Things you’ve most decidedly been looking for...
haunted places

5 Ghostly places where people are afraid to hear the name

Bhangarh Fort - Rajasthan Bhangarh Fort / Kila is located on the way to Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan in India. As per a legend...
10 stellar newspace initiatives

10 Stellar NewSpace Initiatives That Are Out of This World

Made in Space If plummeting through Earth’s atmosphere at the speed of sound inside a ball of fire doesn’t sound particularly fun, Made in Space, creators...
facts about Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

17 Lesser Known Facts About Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK)

Lets know facts about Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. It is that part of the Jammu and Kashmir state of India which was invaded by the...
Best Companies

10 Best Companies Known For Their Work Culture

Zappos At Zappos, corporate culture is termed “Happiness Culture”. Best Companies has a set of principals that define the company, the employees and everyone involved....
Famous Failures

6 People Who Lived Through Failure before Becoming Renowned

Famous Failures that led to enormous success thanks to hard work. Each of us wants to have a taste of success and be praised...
cities about to sinkdisappear

Some of the world’s places to hear the truth, your senses will fly away.

Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City sits atop a fickle lake bed in the Valley of Mexico and has been facing the risk of getting submerged....
reality of Mecca

The reality of “Mecca”

What is Mecca? The Ka'ba (the most sacred place in Islam is the Ka'ba in Reality of "Mecca" , Saudi Arabia) is a mosque (built...
Best Offices

10 Best Offices of the World

Monday mornings can be a real drag. A little something to buck one up is the kind of office that a person works in....
The Bridgewater Triangle

Some unique news about Bridgewater Triangle

One of life's great mysteries, the Bridgewater Triangle.This is a triangle where many incidents have happened which are very mysterious. The Bridgewater Triangle Area The inland...