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cooporate blog

Coporate Blog

Though we are in to an era of internet and every information and advertisements are available in net the paper has never lost its...
facts about siri

What is Siri?

Some different facts about Siri, In the Apple voice command platform, but many remain oblivious to some of Siri's best features. As we mentioned,...
why andriod is better than iphone


   No drag-and-drop This is by far the biggest complaint iOS users have about their phones . Everything from synching contacts to photos to mobile apps...


The automated teller machine (ATM) as its popularly known is a very complicated as well as sophisticated device. This technology is the evolution of...
What is Google now

What is Google now ?

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. Google Now is available within the Google Search mobile application for Android and iOS,...
Gadgets that Changed the World

Gadgets that Changed the World

Abacus, AD190 The first documented use of the Abacus dates back to the Han Dynasty. Babylonians used such devices in the very beginning which are...
secret of USA

A secret of USA – Area 51

  There are many secret of USA, Like AREA 51, Churchill and Hitler’s Execution,My Lai Massacre,Operation Gladio,The Lost Bomb or etc.. AREA 51 It’s time for some...
how not to miss those hits

How Not to Miss Those Hits

Here’s how you can convert traffic to your website into leads Generating traffic to your website is all very nice but that isn’t the end...

21 Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Devised in History

Republican Marriage Besides the guillotine and burning at the stake, this act of torture was employed by Jean-Baptiste Carrier during the French Revolution. It involved...
10 stellar newspace initiatives

10 Stellar NewSpace Initiatives That Are Out of This World

Made in Space If plummeting through Earth’s atmosphere at the speed of sound inside a ball of fire doesn’t sound particularly fun, Made in Space, creators...