Ravana was very much real and there are n number of proofs which support this theory. The secret of Ravana was very hypothetical.There are many aspects of Ravana secret that have not been understood yet.

Ravana built runways which are very much in use today.

The front runner for modern airplanes is Ravana’s Pushpak Viman.

The capital of Ravana’s kingdom, the very place where Sita was incarcerated and the city became the Sunken city of Ravana.

1. Ravana’s airstrips and runways.

Ravana’s airstrips and runways.
Ravana’s airstrips and runways.

The first clue that comes to us is from three places which are still intact. Those are (Known today as Horton’s plains named after the person who shot down all the deer in the park, to the last one), Ussangoda in Hambanthota and “Wariyapola”.

Is there anything at all which may be common among these?

For starters, all these places are flat lands with wide open areas, ideal for landing an airborne craft.

The place name “Wariyapola” breaks down in to “Air-Ship-Port” (Waa=air). Couple together this, with the fact that almost all the place names in this country has a history that made them, we have our first clue, the runway lines of the king’s airplane, or was it fleet?

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3. The Plane, Pushpak Viman

The Plane, Pushpak Viman
The Plane, Pushpak Viman

Findings from a pyramid in Egypt revealed four airplane structures shown in terracotta slabs. Among them are the two crafts that show resemblance to the current day helicopter and the passenger airplane. A third is said to show a structure similar to a faster craft may be used in battle.

There are findings of airplane like structures all round the world. The first is from Egypt, which resembles a bird. Although archaeologists categorized it as a bird at first, people now have their doubts about it.

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5. The sunken City of Ravana

The sunken City of Ravana
The sunken City of Ravana

In the South-East of Sri Lanka there are two lighthouses erected on two small islands, known even today as “Maha Ravana Kotte” (Great Basses) and “Kuda Ravana Kotte”. The word “Kotte” may well be fort.

People still have no correct answer to whether the city was actually there or how it sank, but recent history tells us how it sank. The tidal wave that hit the eastern shore tore apart most of the buildings and took many lives.

Ravana was very much there and he isn’t a fictional character at all.


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