Greek mythology is full of stories about early Greece and Rome as well of Gods and Goddesses who were said to be the rulers of all of Earth and the masters of the seas. This was a complete set up; what with a God that would explain the weather and how the earth changed from one season to another. Man has always been interested in finding everything about the ways of nature and the world at large. There are different fact about Poseidon for kids. Poseidon was the famous god of the sea and the brother of Zeus.There are many stories about them.

The folks really wanted to know about the mysteries that existed in nature. The Greeks worshipped Poseidon and the Romans worshipped Neptune. They were both believed to be the masters and controllers of the seas.

Poseidon was worshipped by the Greeks as they wanted a sort of a protection for whenever they went out to the sea.

1. Who Was Poseidon?

Who Was Poseidon?
Who Was Poseidon?

Poseidon was Zeus’ real brother. Zeus was the king of all the Gods and Hades ruled over the underworld. He also ruled the undead. Poseidon was the master and controller of the seas as well. He is often depicted with long flowing hair and carrying a trident (a spear of sorts with three tines). They are three of the five children of Kronos.

If Zeus pointed his Trident at the sea, the sea would be whipped in a crazed frenzy. The point of his trident would raise the wind too. A stomp of his foot and the earth would shake. He maintained a home on Mount Olympus but spent the majority of his time living beneath the sea.

Poseidon spent most of his time under water. He had a huge and elaborate mansion under the sea and he was settled with his first wife there. Poseidon typically thought of as a God of ill will because he is associated with angry seas and the bad weather that can come off the ocean.

In order to honour Poseidon, several temples had been built. Visitors left many gifts there to appease and please him. The goal was always to keep Poseidon happy so that there would be calm waters surrounding the coastal areas.

Big storms weren’t understood then and the folks must have felt as if they were an angry man’s doing.

2. His Role In Athens

His Role In Athens
His Role In Athens

According to the tradition then, a God was selected and appointed as the guardian of any new village or settlement.

As luck would have it, Poseidon and his niece Athena were both interested in becoming protectors of this newly formed The villagers felt it was only right that Poseidon was the God of the village because it was a coastal town but no one wanted to be the one to choose and risk upsetting the God that was not chosen.

Poseidon is known to be really very playful. He therefore engaged with his niece in a contest. He wasn’t interested in Athens for real. As was the tradition, They were both to present the villagers with a gift. The one whose gift was better would win. Poseidon gifted them with a beautiful stream. The villagers were ecstatic till they tasted the water which turned out salty.

What the villagers got from Athena was an olive tree which was extremely useful to them in every imaginable way.

It was settled. Athena had the better gift. Still, the villagers dare not utter a single word as they couldn’t risk Poseidon’s wrath. Poseidon laughed a hearty laugh and bowed to his niece. He was just playing.

The village was named Athens and went to grow by leaps and bounds and enjoyed a great deal prosperity from the sea and the land.

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4. Horses and Earthquakes

Horses and Earthquakes
Horses and Earthquakes

Poseidon was also the God of horses and earthquakes. They were both and as unpredictable as the ocean and again depending on how things were going Poseidon was either considered a loving fair God or a vengeful cruel God.

It was believed that Poseidon was behind the frequent earthquakes. It was that he stomped his foot and banged his trident down on the earth and made the earth shake. With the right gifts and sacrifices the earthquakes would subside.

People also believed that Poseidon was the God that controlled the mood and personality of the horses.

In those ancient times the small wooden boats that the Greeks used to go fishing in the ocean were not safe at all. The folks offered something at the temple and would believe that they’ll be safe. It was probably their only option.

The thought of a God that could protect you from the dangers of the sea have been the thing that offered many sailors the confidence that they needed to embark on such dangerous journeys.

5. Atlantis


Poseidon was worshipped in fishing villages throughout Greece but he never really had a crown jewel until Atlantis was born.

It is said that under Poseidon’s protection Atlantis was able to achieve greatness.

Atlantis has long been an explorers dream to find. There have been numerous expeditions for centuries have been launched with the hopes of finding this city that legend have been written about but there has been no one that has been able to locate the ruins of this city. As for Poseidon, his stories are still told today.


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