Name is something which is very important. Every place has its own identity either by the food or culture or any other but what if a place is famous due to the bizarre name it has…A few of such cities

1. Westward Ho!


Westward Ho! A UK town got its name after the novel written by Charles Kingsley .Any way this name  drived up tourism to the area.

2. Te Puke


Te Puke in New Zealand town is one of the country’s most famous kiwi producers. The Kiwi 360, a world famous giant kiwifruit is found here.

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4. Swastika

Swastika in Ontario, Canada, is a pretty strange place using the name of an ancient Sanskrit good-luck symbol.

5. Punkeydoodles Corner


Punkeydoodles Corners in Ontario, Canada. The reason for the name is said in two different ways.Due to “Yankee Doodle”song sung by a local innkeeper who loved that song very much   and it sounded similar to punkey doodles.It is also said as the nickname given to a lazy pumpkin farmer by his  wife.

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7. Penistone

Penistone in Yorkshire, England got its name from the old weesh and English and it means a village on the hilltop.

8. Once Brewed


Once Brewed(East) and twice Brewed (West)are names of two English towns in north.

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10. Satan’s Kingdom

Satan's Kingdom
Satan’s Kingdom

There are two towns in the U.S. named Satan’s Kingdom. They are in  Vermont and Massachusetts

11. SaintLouis du Ha! Ha!

SaintLouis du Ha! Ha!
SaintLouis du Ha! Ha!

Saint-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha! in Québec, Canada. A city name in the world with two exclamation.haha is a French word that is outdated and it symbolises a ditch dug  below a fence. That prevent animals to cross as well the farmers to have a look on them.

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13. Nothing

Nothing, Arizona is a minimally populated area and it was abandoned in 2005. It also has a name as ghost town. It once had a fuel station and a mini store later all got destroyed and now it is an area of zero population.

14. North Pole


North Pole is a place in Newyork where Christmas celebrations are a great happening  The main attraction in North Pole is the Santa’s Workshop.

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16. No Name


No Name a town in Colorado with a ver low population.It is said that a No name board was placed before this town was named and later it became its name itself.

17. Mars

Mars, Pennsylvania is a small town. This strangely-named town has a non-functional spaceship and locals are called Martians

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19. Intercourse


An eastern Pennsylvanian town with this strange name attracts many tourists due to being an Amish Country as well as the name itself


Halfway got its name from its popular Post office which was located halfway between two places. Later it was known as when the website offered to pay them a huge amount and offer computers to their schools as a part of promotion.

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22. George, Washington


George, Washington is the only town in the United States to be fully named after a President. George’s streets are named after cherries because of George’s fame for chopping down a cherry tree,

23. Ganja

Ganja can be found in Azerbaijan. It has a population of over a million and they are known as Ganjans.

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25. Muff

Muff is a village in County Donegal, Ireland. Situated near the mouth of the River Foyle Muff always had a significant growth in population. Every summer the Muff festival is celebrated in the first week in August which includes many celebrations, parade, amusement and entertainments.

26. Moon

Moon is a Pennsylvanian township just northwest of Pittsburgh. It’s named so because of its river’s crescent bend.

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28. Bastardstown


A small town in County Wexford, Bastardstown.It  is basically an Irish village at a sea side  just down the road from Rackardstown.

29. The_town_Å Norway


A gorgeous seaside village in the northernmost parts of Norway, six other Norwegian towns as well as one Swedish and one Danish town also are named as Å.

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31. Accident

Accident, a city in West Maryland. Actually King George II of England repayed his debt to George Deakins  with 600 acres of land and then the king sent two to find the best land but these people unknowingly marked the same land where an oak tree was kept as a reference before while repaying the debt.

32. Chinatown


Though Chinatowns exist in many cities all around the world, Wisconsin, a city on Long Lake’s northeastern shore is actually named Chinatown.

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34. Bitchfield

Bitchfield and Lower Bitchfield in eastern England is combinely called the Bitchfield. Both of which used to be larger in medieval times.

35. Beaverlick


It is located in the northern tip of Kentucky.Beaverlick was named as it is  located along the Beaver Branch of Big Bone Creek.

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37. Batman

Batman is a city in southwestern Turkey in the Batman Province. Its name evolved from the  Batman River, a major tributary of the Tigris River. Batman is known for its oil refineries, military airbase



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