Assassination going against nature and basic humanity and taking the life of people mainly the political people who are there as a representative of people in the government. Not a pleasant topic to write about but sometimes looking back to the history is a must. Few great leaders our world was blessed with and was taken aback just by some antisocial residents of this world.Here are some of the most popular leaders of the world. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar El Sadat,Thomas D’Arcy McGee,Liaquat Ali khan,Abraham Lincoln or etc,

1. Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto
Benazir Bhutto

BB this is how the Pakistanis call her and to India she was an Iron lady. A strong women whose life started in this world in 1953 and had a bad ending in 2007.Born in one of the great political family as the eldest daughter of the great leader  Zulfikar Ali Bhutto the leader of the Pakistanis people’s party.

A well educated lady Benazir was after her higher education and degree from United states and UK.She returned back to Pakistan in 1977 when her dad was elected as the prime minister ,buts seized power and her father was imprisoned in few days by the military. Bhutto also dint escape the arrests. Bhutto herself was also arrested over many a times.

She was elected as co-chairwoman of the Pakistan People’s Party in 1988, she herself became Prime Minister. The youngest chief executives in the world and the first woman prime minister in an Islamic country (1988–90 and then 1993–96) .Her journey as PM was not that easy she was dismissed many times. She proved herself to be a great leader too. She aimed in modernizing Pakistan. She brought electricity, education, housing, health care facilities and hunger eradication has always been her top priority and that’s why she was loved by her citizens.

Due to her failure in elections due to oppositions she lost the chance to participate in 1997 elections after her dismissal she left to London and then was forced to come back to her country after 9 years due to racism and life threats. She had an unexpected welcome from her people; she had plans to participate in the 2008 elections.

In 2007 during the rally she was shot to dead and was also attacked by a bomber and she lost her life along with many other people in the rally.

2. John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy

The youngest man elected to the office in United States of America as   35th President .He was born in one of America’s wealthiest families and of course had a best family education and life style. He has been a military hero in his earlier days. He made the world turn towards him by his mesmerizing and majestic first speech. As a president he always aimed at creating equal rights and new civil rights legislation.

He has always been an enormous president. Without his tactic the Cuba missile crisis wouldn’t have come to an end. But the United States was lucky to be under his leadership for meager period of nearly 1000 days. He was assassinated on November 22, 1963 when he was travelling in his motorcade he lost his life to the gunshots in his head and neck.

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4. Indira Gandhi


Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru. The only women prime minister to be in this prestigious post for a long time. Indira Gandhi has been a role model to women who were always considered lower than men in the community. She has been an inspiration to Third World nations. Leadership was inborn in her. At a very young age she leaded the Monkey Brigade a brain child of the Congress Party to end British control in India.

She has been assisting her father during his tenure as prime minister between 1947 and 1964. She became a president of congress in 1959 .Then her journey went off from a cabinet minister to the Prime minister of India. In her period as a prime minister she was known for her high power political ruthlessness .The war of independence against Pakistan, creation of Bangladesh, raising the level of India to the regional hegemon of south Asia were all the feathers added to her crown as a PM.

All start has an end but the thing is we don’t know how it is. Assaination a common phenomenon happening to the great leaders dint bare Indira Gandhi also. She lost her life in the assassination by her bodyguards in 1984

5. Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr
Martin Luther King, Jr

Dr.Martin. the predominant leader known for this involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.He dreamed and worked towards ending racial segregation and discrimination in America

He is known for his speech which was the nonviolent methods of achieving social change. He was known worldwide for his eloquence and charisma as a speaker who badly wanted to end racial discrimination. An awardees of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.His speeches are quoted even now. People who feared social change and always had a superiority complex about the white race were against him due to his success in galvanizing the drive for civil rights. Being arrested was nothing new for him .Finally  the world lost its eminent person in 1968 in an assassination

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7. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Born in family which was considerably low in the wealth as well as education front. As a child Lincoln always had a craze for books and work on the paddy field. His was educated by self and went up to the level of a lawyer. He is known for his lead in the great civil war of the US. He aimed at abolishing slavery, power issues, strengthening the government and economic modernization.

He is remembered as one among the best presidents in political as well as educational front. He has always been humble. This great person was fatally shot at a play in Washington. This unexpected attack happened just after his great efforts done to end the American civil war.

8. Liaquat Ali khan


Liaquat Ali Khan  was Pakistan’s first prime minister. He excelled as lawyer ,statesman and who knew well about the political theory. Mohammed Ali Jinnah has been his leader who dreamt of modernizing Pakistan which was actually established by Liaquat. He was a respectable leader by his fellowmen. He was admired for his share in the struggle for Pakistan. After his leader he was was wholeheartly accepted as the leader by his people.

In his term he has laid many domestic and foreign policies which is actually guiding his country since then. He was behind the modernizing of Pakistan. In his life time he has served the first prime minister and defense minister of Pakistan and  finance minster of India .The main person and headed as the minister in commonwealth and Kashmir affairs .In 1951 during a public speech he was shot to dead by an assassin

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10. King Faisal

King Faisal
King Faisal

Faisal bin Abdulaziz  born in Riyadh grew in an atmosphere where courage was given the almost importance and value. Being the third son of the King of Saudi Arabia this little prince has visited places like London and France. He was delegated numerous responsibilities in Arabia. Being a crown prince initially when his brother was the King of Arabia succeeding their father in 1964 Haisal became the King of Arabia.

King Faisal was person who wanted to serve his people and he never liked himself been called the majesty. He was loved by his fellowmen. He brought about many reforms in modernization foreign relations power policies and he aimed at abolishing slavery from his country. He was shot to dead by his own nephew. The country couldn’t bare the loss a great king like Faisal. There is a Philantophic organization known as the King Faisal Foundation.

11. Thomas D’Arcy McGee

Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Thomas D’Arcy McGee

D’Arcy McGee an Irish by birth and raised as a Roman Catholic. He excelled as a spokesman, journalist and also a politician’s child he always had a keen interest in of the long history of English occupation and Irish rebellion. Thomas hated the British oppression of Ireland and worked towards the revolution that would bring a change. He wanted to throw away British rule in his country and wanted a secure Irish independence. His interest was always in writing. His career path as writer in many leading journals was suddenly diverted when he was elected as a member of the Canadian legislative assembly. He never stopped in expressing his vies of the Irish movement through his speech and words. At certain point of time he decided to leave politics. His own acts have turned the other way round against him. He was eventually seen as traitor and finally he was assassinated in 1868.

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13. Rafic Baha El Deen Al Hariri

Rafic Baha El Deen Al Hariri
Rafic Baha El Deen Al Hariri

Hariri wasborn and brought up at Lebanon, Completing his graduation he moved Saudi and continued as teacher. He then shifted to the construction industry and became a leading businessman. Having spent nearly 15 years in Saudi he became Saudi citizen too. Hariri tied with the French firm Oger started excelling in his Construction business that his firm became the main on which was considered by the King of Arabia. This made earn in billions. Hariri never forgot his mother country too and spent millions to his Lebanese people. He was known as a great humanitarian He was in the lime light of both Saudi and Lebanon government. In 1980 he finally entered Politics when he came back to Lebanon. Strating as a Political advisor he was finally the prime minister of Lebanon. He improved the economic value of his money and country through his economic policies but at a stage he resigned himself from his post. This great international leader lost his life in a planned explosion against him.

14. Ngo Dinh Diem

Ngo Dinh Diem
Ngo Dinh Diem

Vietnamese can never forget this great person who was known for US policies, as a person who is a blessing of Vietnamese tradition, for his competency and the modernization he brought in South Vietnam. His career was started as a civil service person to a district and a provincial chief. He was a more workaholic person who was against corruption.  He was anti-Communist. Joining the U.S.-backed government, he raised to the level go President in 1955. His acts against the buddhistmade US against him .His death in an assassination was followed by the civil war.

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16.  Anwar El Sadat


Anwar EI Sadat was born and brought up I  Egypt during the period it was under British control. He started his career in military. His relationship with Naseer moved him to politics; from vice president he became the president in 1970.Economically his country was unstable. His main achievements were due to his foreign policies where he aimed at spreading peace among the neighboring nations this brought him noble prize too. A first of its kind peace treaty between Israel and Egypt happened due to him. Not only noble price it creates chaos among his community people whose thoughts went against him and Muslim extremists killed him in 1981

17. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma gandhi

There would not be single Indian who is unaware about this great person and that why our nation calls him as Father. A person who is behind the non violence and the great independence movement. He started his career as a lawyer .He was deeply hurt by the discrimination and racial discrimination faced by Indians which sowed seeds for the formation of the Natal Indian congress to fight against dicrimination.This great leader took paths to create India’s liberation by his various movements like Satyagraha, salt march and many which were based on non violence. His hunger strikes made him weak but it made the way to independece strong. This great human lost his life in 1948 after achieving independence in 1947. It was a murder which took us back, he was shot dead point blank by a traitor Nthuram Godse.

Let me stop with this. In simple our world has found many leaders who lived their lives for their nation.Assasinations happen but leaders are born too.


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