1. Facts about Mexico

  • There are different facts about Mexico
  • Mexico is a federal republic located in North America
  • The country is bordered to the north by the United States,to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean, to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The fifth largest country in the world is Mexico.
  • Population of over 120 million.
  • It is classified as an upper-middle income country by the World Bank
  • In 2015 it was the 9th most visited country in the world, with 32.1 million international arrivals.

2. Mexico cuisine


  • Mexico Cuisines are famous all over the world.
  • Mexican cuisines were derived from ancient Mayan Indians.
  • Mexico is classified into regions by their food :
    • Northern region: meat and cheese
    • North pacific coast: grows more fruits and vegetables.
    • Bajio region: rice,pork and sausages
    • South pacific coast:grows variety of chili pepper,chicken,cheese
    • Sourthern region: corn and spices
    • Gulf region:corn and vanilla
  • Popular mexican  food items:
    • Savoury Mexican food
      • Pico de gallo – type of bread
      • Enchiladas – wrapped tortilla rolls
      • Carnitas – kind of snacks
      • Zacatecan – style baked mesa cake
    • Sweet Mexican dishes
      • Churros
      • Paletas de arroz con leche

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4. Ethnicities of Mexican people

Ethnicities of Mexican people
Ethnicities of Mexican people
  • Native Mexicans:
    • Draw their roots from Mayan heritage
    • 15% of people are native Mexicans
    • They identify themselves as indigenous Mexicans.
  • European  Mexicans:
    • They are from Spanish conquest
    • Most of these people reside in north country
    • Maximum of the people were indulged in business establishments
  • Mestizo Mexicans:
    • Mexicans have their roots from both indigenous ethnicity and European ancestry.
    • These groups are formed because of intermarriage of Mexicans.
  • They are some other minority groups present in mexico.

5. Language

MEXICO National Language
MEXICO National Language
  • Spanish – country’s national language
  • Indigenous language – 62 languages spoken by native Mexicans.
  • Minority languages – catalan and the venetian dialects
  • Immigrant languages – English

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7. Family

  • Mexican’s families have a strong unity and love.
  • The family members roles are clear.
  • Family needs are more important than individual’s need in Mexico.


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