Oman is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia and so many different facts about Oman that people don’t know.

  • Oman- Sultanate of Oman is an Arab country which is independent.
  • It’s an Islamic Country since 7th Century
  • Portuguese conquered the portions of Oman but in the 1650’s Oman managed to remove the Portuguese from Oman.
  • The Sultan of Oman holds an important position at the mouth of Persian Gulf.
  • It’s surrounded by UAE in the Northwest, Saudi in the west, Yemen to the Southwest and marine borders are shared with the Iran and Pakistan.
  • It’s a powerful country since late 17th Century and also became strong allies with Britain.
  • Oman maintains a good relationship with all Middle East countries.

  • Oman has a good and Strong relationship with United States of America for over 200 years.
  • Oman has a history of recognizing US as an Independent Nation amongst the Arab nations.
  • Being the member of Gulf Cooperation Council, Oman was the only country who opposed Saudi intervention during Yemeni Civil war and supported Yemenis during the war.
  • Sultan Qaboos modernized the country’s infrastructure and policy of the nation.
  • Oman is one of the countries in the Middle East which has no impact towards terrorism.
  • Oman is one of the countries who has the hottest climate of the world and it receives less rainfall.
It’s an Islamic Country since 7th Century
It’s an Islamic Country since 7th Century
    • Violent crime is non-existent in the country and the most prevalent crime is the theft.
    • Major contribution to economy is through Oil Production and Construction industry.
    • Tourism is one of the industries developing in Oman hence many Luxurious hotels have been built in the country.
    • Mountain Dew is the top selling beverage in Oman.
    • Oman are the masters in building ships.
    • Oman has less population which are 3.2 million in which only 2.1 are Omanis and the rest from other countries like Pakistan , India and Srilanka.
    • Arabic is the official Language of Oman.
    • Oman is the first Arab country to teach German as a third language in the Middle East.
    • Frankincense tree grows in the wild regions of Oman which are used in perfumes and religious rituals.

  • Oman’s breed Arabian horses which are expensive and exported all over the world.
  • Oman doesn’t prohibit alcohols but permit is a must which allows you to spend 20% of your income to the country
  • The country has no income tax.
  • Agricultural products of the Country are Dates, Limes, bananas, alfalfa, vegetables; camels, cattle; fish.
  • Usually Dates are served with coffee at local cafes.
  • The most popular and the oldest monument of Oman is “THE MUSCAT CLOCK TOWER”
  • Oman exports Cars apart from the Gas and Minerals. Its largest exporters of Cars in the Middle East.
  • Grand Hyatt Muscat located on the beautiful area of Beach is the largest and most luxurious hotels in Oman.
  • Religions available in Oman are Ibadhi Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims and Hindus.
  • Khanjar dagger superimposed on two crossed swords is the national emblem of the Country.
  • Nashid as-Salaam as-Sultani (The Sultan’s Anthem) is the National Anthem of the Country.
  • Omani Rial is the currency of Oman.
  • Oman has its weekend on Thursday and Friday.
Oman has its weekend on Thursday and Friday.
Oman has its weekend on Thursday and Friday.
    • Oman has “Women-Only Souq (Market)” scheduled on Wednesdays in the City of Ibra which is colourful and restricts men in the region.
    • Ornamented doors are famous in the country which are unique, colourful and embroidered which are stunning in nature.
    • Omanis cusine comes with rice. Mornings will be bread mostly.
    • Photographing local women in Oman is strictly prohibited.
    • Political parties are illegal in Oman.
    • Oman is White because to paint their building other than white they need permission.
    • Oman vehicles have left-hand drive, honking is prohibited and if dirty vehicle is found the owner has to pay fine.
    • Green turtles in the Sharkiya Beach is an interesting thing to see in Oman which is not found anywhere apart from Oman.

  • Oman Government supports financially the unemployed group for 6 months and helps them to find a Job.
  • 50% of the Omanis population visits India for their medical treatment.
  • Architectural heritage of Oman has more than 500 Forts, Castles and Clock towers.
  • Electronic goods are cheaper in Oman.
  • Indian Navy train the Omani Navy every year.
  • Education in Oman is free from Preschool to Postgraduates.
  • Traditional sport of Oman is Camel Racing.
  • Crafts are usually utilitarian based than beauty in Oman.


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