Travel is a really important facet of almost everybody’s life. Everyone has to travel from time to time and its almost always a great opportunity. This is where accommodation comes into the picture. Boarding and lodging are a huge deal. There are some really strange places when it comes to eating out. People are prepared to spend a small fortune for a different experience of dining. What follows are the strangest restaurants in the world and what makes them so unconventional and different.

1. O.NOIR – Toronto, Canada

O.NOIR – Toronto, Canada
O.NOIR – Toronto, Canada

What’s strange: Eating in the dark

O.Noir introduced the concept of dining in the dark in Canada. You’ll be placing your order in their well lit bar and shall then be escorted to a dark dining room for a two hour seated dinner. It’s nothing to worry about as the servers shall let you know exactly where everything is placed. Guests can’t use flashlights or their cell phones for the duration of the dinner.

2. Dinner in the sky- Montreal ,canada

Dinner in the sky- Montreal, canada
Dinner in the sky- Montreal, canada

What’s strange: The name says it all

This high-altitude diner has dining chairs and table strung 160 feet up from the ground . Dinner in the sky is present in over 45 countries of the world. You can enjoy an incredible meal while floating in the air. Its really an out of the world experience.

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4. Ninja New York – New York City, USA

Ninja New york - New york city ,usa
Ninja New york – New york city ,usa

What’s strange: Servers doing Ninja stuff, that’s what’s strange!

Ninja’s interiors are done like a fifteenth century Japanese feudal village. The stewards are dressed in black like Ninjas. They’ll yelp and tumble like the real thing too. So you can have a good meal and get a genuine feel of martial arts at the same time.

5.  Modern Toilet , China

Modern Toilet , china
Modern Toilet , china

What’s strange: More than the idea, the fact that they are super-successful

The Modern Toilet, true to its name is built like a really very snazzy bathroom, if you please, with even the dishes being toilet shaped. Eating out of commode shaped dishes is quite funny too. This chain of restaurants is currently based and spread over the entire PRC and they now have expansion to other countries in mind.

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7. Redwoods Treehouse – Warkworth, New Zealand

Redwoods Treehouse - warkworth ,New zealand
Redwoods Treehouse – warkworth ,New zealand

What’s strange: Fantasy comes real as you eat inside a pod in a redwood tree

This pod-shaped restaurant was built in 2008 and is perched at a height of 32 feet in a Redwood tree. The place which has a capacity of just 30 is mostly used for private events.

8.  Cat Café Nekorobi – Tokyo, Japan

Cat Cafe Nekorobi- Tokyo , japan
Cat Cafe Nekorobi- Tokyo , japan

What’s strange: Cats, all over the place

This cafe, situated in the entertainment district of Ikebukuro is one for the feline lovers. The beverages include include royal milk tea, coffee, green tea and instant miso soup. A big bowl of cat food is placed in the middle the dining area and is surrounded by many cats. It’s quite a different but exhilarating experience which one may enjoy at dinner time every day.

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10. Safe House – Milwaukee, USA

Safe house -Milwaukee,USA

What’s strange: Theme of CIA secret house

The name, again, lives up to its reputation of a CIA safe house. Its especially well known among lovers of spy thrillers. Strange as it may sound, one may only enter if you know the password.

11. Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines

Villa Escudero waterfalls resturants , Philippines
Villa Escudero waterfalls resturants , Philippines

What’s strange: Having water flowing over your feet while you’re eating

The restaurant is built at the immediate foot of a beautiful waterfall and you’ll be getting your feet wet and having a meal here. However, one must wear shorts here.

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13. De Kas – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

De Kas – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
De Kas – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What’s strange: The food you eat was mostly on a plant just a few hours ago

De Kas restaurant & nursery is located in a set of greenhouses wich date back to 1926 and used to belong to the Amsterdam Municipal Nursery.  They can accommodate up to 140 guests for lunch or dinner in our 8-metre high main greenhouse and we also have a separate Garden Room for private gatherings.
On fine summer days, lunches and pre-dinner drinks are served outside on the patio in the herb garden.

14. The Bubble Room – Captiva Island, Florida

The Bubble Room – Captiva Island, Florida
The Bubble Room – Captiva Island, Florida

What’s strange: Toys from the 30s and 40s

The chic interiors of The Bubble Room display their wonderful collection of toys from the 1930s and 40s. The guests enjoy music from the same era while treating themselves to an outstanding culinary experience.


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