There are many instances of religious Hindu Muslim violence against after the partition of India.These violence has always been a cause of concern. First of all, Hindus are peaceful people. Hindu philosophy emphasizes peace, kindness, and seeing others as an extension of yourself.

The vast majority of Hindus don’t hate Muslims or anyone else. There are many areas of India where Hindus and Muslims are living side by side. I assume most Muslims are also peaceful people. I don’t know enough Muslims to have an accurate picture and I’m working on fixing that (watch for a post soon about visiting a mosque to get to know local Muslims).

1.  Islamic Terrorism: How I Plan To Counter It

 Islamic Terrorism: How I Plan To Counter It
Islamic Terrorism: How I Plan To Counter It

However, there is a long and difficult history between Hindus and Muslims. Think about the strong reaction many Americans had to 9/11. The shock, the horror, the anger, the determination to fight the ideologies of the aggressors. Then imagine things like that have been happening (targeted at your religion) for hundreds of years. Is it any wonder some Hindus have a lot of fear around Islam ?
India was originally all Hindu. Well, not called Hindu because that is not the name we call ourselves. But the people of India were practicing philosophies that we now refer to as Hindu. Muslims invaded and made Hindus second class citizens in their own land. Hindus had to pay extra tax for not being Muslim. That’s an uncomfortable history.
Despite some of the deepest philosophy in the world, many Muslims I encounter consider it backwards and uncivilized. One said he respected all religions except Hinduism. Another, who is writing a blog about interfaith peace, admitted that he could not respect a polytheistic faith. If even he can’t respect Hinduism, what hope is there for peace in our world?
Some say that both sides are equally to blame for the animosity, but I don’t think that’s true.

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3.  Hinduism Is Different

Hinduism Is Different
Hinduism Is Different


There’s a compulsion in Islam (and in Christianity) to convert others and Hinduism has no such need. The only time Hindus try to convert is when they want to bring back people whose ancestors were Hindu and forcibly converted to Islam.
Hindus are dealing with a lot of fear because our religion does not grow in the Borg-like way of Islam and Christianity.
Both those religions have a mission to wipe out religions that don’t worship their God. We must stand up against the bullies who believe that they need to spread their religion to the entire world. Hindus need protection from the violence and force used to make them convert.

Christian missionaries tend to use tricks and bribes these days. There are Muslims currently who are kidnapping and marrying Hindu girls. Hindu pilgrims were recently murdered in Kashmir.

Of course it is not all Muslims or all Christians but with the long history of violence against Hindus and terrorist groups using the philosophy of Islam to justify murder, I think it should be understandable that some Hindus are afraid of Muslims or uncomfortable with Islam.


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