People fall in love isn’t very uncommon at all… what is a little different probably is when two persons fall ‘head over heels’ for each other. So what exactly is happening in their heads at such a time?

Many researchers have delved rather deeply into what we call the laws of attraction over the last few decades to say the very least. What it is about our chemical makeup that sparks up chemistry with another person. “It’s never just one thing, like facial symmetry or pheromones,” says Brian Grossman, PhD, a psychologist and communication expert in Los Angeles. “But there are some concrete, specific issues that lend themselves to immediate, long-term attraction and relationships.”

Have you ever thought exactly what it was about your partner that brought you together? Perhaps it’s one of these fall-in-love factors.

1. Political Parallelism

Political Parallelism
Political Parallelism

What was it exactly that you fell for him? Think it was his clever sense of humor or killer pot roast that had you falling for him? Turns out, it probably had more to do with his voting history. It may sound quite improbable but a recent Rice University study published in the Journal of Politics found that people tend to choose partners who have similar political views. In fact, couples who swing the same way politically outnumbered those with similar personality traits, appearances, and religious beliefs. And it does make perfect sense says Dr. Grossman: “It would be hard to have a relationship long-term with someone with a dramatically different political view. It’s a different value set, which goes to our core.”

2. A Woman’s Measurements

A Woman's Measurements
A Woman’s Measurements

You cannot deny that physical appearance plays a big role in romantic attraction – but who knew it got this specific? Research has proved this to be a fact! Researchers at the University of Texas found that women with low waist-to-hip ratio (in which the waist is significantly narrower than the hips) are more attractive to men than those with wider waists.

A natural question arises thus. What’s in a waist size? Researchers believe that a good waist-to-hip ratio may subconsciously signal to a man that a woman has good health and reproductive ability. “We can’t help but look at health and attractiveness,”. Chalk it up as one of those subliminal rules of attraction.

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4. Chivalry (It Isn’t Dead)

Chivalry (It Isn't Dead)
Chivalry (It Isn’t Dead)

Are you the type who puts others first? If you’re one of those types who puts others first, you’re in luck: You may have a greater chance at a satisfying, healthy relationship. While it’s not all that surprising that altruistic people have better relationships (they are more likely to be considerate and thoughtful toward their spouses, says Grossman), there’s a fine line between being selfless and a people-pleaser.

5. A Symmetrical Face

A Symmetrical Face
A Symmetrical Face

How would you like it if you found out that it could have been partner’s evenly spaced eyes that got you all starry-eyed? Women tend to prefer male faces that are symmetrical (which is often considered a sign of good health) according to an Australian study. Grossman says that we make such a decision in a split second.

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7. Your Postal Code

Your Postal Code
Your Postal Code

Long-distance relationships can be very exhaustive which is why they aren’t generally appreciated in civilized society. Instead, it has to do with cultural values: If you’re raised in one place, your idea of attractiveness may be completely different than that of someone raised somewhere else.

8. The Number Of Candles On The Cake

The Number Of Candles On The Cake
The Number Of Candles On The Cake

We’ve become a culture that’s obsessed with defying age –looking as young as we possibly can and doing everything that a young person does has become everybody’s everything. But Grossman warns that physical attraction doesn’t always add up to a healthy relationship. Though a 65-year-old man might find a 20-year-old woman attractive, they’re probably not a great match. “A more than 25- or 30-year difference is always difficult to overcome,” he says.

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10. Mirror Images

Mirror Images
Mirror Images

Opposites may attract, but that doesn’t mean they’re a match made in heaven. In fact, recent research has helped explained the phenomenon of doppelganger couples.

11. Your Genes

Your Genes
Your Genes

The types of relationships you forge may be influenced by your genetic makeup. An Italian study found that people with certain relationship styles were most likely to carry specific biological markers in their brains.



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