Why do we fart ?

Why do we fart : Flatulence will creep up on you from behind at the worst possible time but then again, it does happen to everyone. According to Better Health Victoria flatulence can be caused by things: Food breaking down in your digestive system and swallowed air. What happens is that when food is digested, gases within that food are separated, forcing them to slip out of your body in the form of wind. These are the types of farts that you don’t want to let out on an elevator thanks to the horrible smelling sulphur gas from your food that they most likely contain.

However, its different when you swallow air.

When you swallow air on the other hand, while eating, drinking or just taking a deep breath those farts don’t smell because it’s simply air being released from your body. So there you go, bet that’s more than you ever needed to know about body gas.


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