Stories like the virgin birth lack freely given female consent. Why don’t they bother us more?

Human women being impregnated by powerful gods and demi gods; it may be a common mythical theme or rather from the history of religion but its still admittedly a bit rapey. Zeus left Danae pregnant with the Greek hero Perseus after he came to her as a golden shower, cutting “the knot of intact virginity”. Jupiter transformed himself into a white bull before abducting Europa. He imprisoned her on the Isle of Crete and fathered three children in due course of time.

Hermes did it with a shepherdess and she had Pan. Romolus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome were conceived when Rea Silvia, a vestal virgin was impregnated by the Roman god Mars. Helen of Troy herself is a very rare female child born out of a god/human mating. She was produced when Zeus, in order to reach Leda, took the form of a swan. Some accounts state that Alexander the Great and the Emperor Augustus were actually sowed by the gods themselves in the form of serpents, by Phoebus and Jupiter respectively.

However, the Christians of the time have a similar yet very different narrative. Its said that story, in the Gospel of the Virgin Mary gets pregnant when the spirit of the Lord comes upon her and the power of the Most High overshadows her. Zoroaster is said to have been born of a human father and mother. In later accounts though, his mother is pierced by shaft of divine light.

Shiva the destroyer is said to have had sex with the human woman Madhura, who has come to worship him while his wife Parvathi is away. The latter turns the former into a frog. So, Madhura  stays for a period of 12 years in a well (as a frog) and later gives birth to Indrajit. Gautam Buddha’s own mother Maya was impregnated by a God in a dream. These stories have something in common; the will of all these ladies hasn’t ever had the slightest of importance. Its only the Gods that are all powerful have all the possible importance generally and also over these mere mortals.

A mortal woman can never refuse a God. No matter what happens, the God will have his way and make the lady heavy with child and leave her expecting the child of a God. Now who wouldn’t want that! The basic assumption is that the union between a god and a woman is overwhelming in an orgasmic way. Even Biology will vouch for the fact that females seek the highest quality sperm donors that they can attract. They need men with high status; powerful males. Males seek offspring by young fertile females (with beauty signaling fertility).

Male dominated societies are responsible largely for such mythical troupe. The reproductive desires of males are completely legit. The females have no such rights whatsoever. These strange and mythological stories have their roots in pre-historical era. The men at the top owned concubines and harems, and virgin females were counted among the spoils of war. God, it is said, picked favourites who were essentially great men and they were born great. These traditions are quite common between different cultures but they’re completely unique in their own right.

So, its an established fact that the consent of the womenfolk doesn’t matter in the very least. The Bible doesn’t so much as mention anything at all about asking for the woman’s consent for sex. Leave alone asking for it. It really is very sad, this omission is. Even Christian leaders in a country like America have such biased propaganda; the belief that teach that a woman’s glory childbearing, and that a woman who fails to service her husband whenever he desires is failing to serve God.

Male domination has never crept out of practically any society even this far in the 21st century. Males exploit women and still quite innocent. Acceptable behaviour!


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