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about mutual funds

Understand Mutual funds

About Mutual Funds, though we all would have heard this term a very few of us would have invested in Mutual fund. It is...

Different Style Of Wearing Saree

  Bengali saree draping style It is one of the easiest ways to drape a saree though the ultimate look might seem to be contrary! It...
om so important

Why do people of Hindu religion consider the words “OM” so sacred? What’s the...

The syllable "Om" or "Aum" is of paramount importance in Hinduism. This symbol (as seen in the adjoining image) is a sacred syllable representing Brahman,...
facts about Maldives

Do you know about Maldives?

Here is the different facts about Maldives. The Maldives is one of the most famous and one of the most beautiful travel destinations in...
leaders of the world

The Great Leader’s of the World, who created his own Identity

Assassination going against nature and basic humanity and taking the life of people mainly the political people who are there as a representative of...
facts about siri

What is Siri?

Some different facts about Siri, In the Apple voice command platform, but many remain oblivious to some of Siri's best features. As we mentioned,...
facts about church

Meaning of Going to Church

fat burning foods


 FRESH/FROZEN BERRIES Berries Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, Goji berries – the list goes on. With almost nil carbohydrates and calories, grab a handful as a...
secret of USA

A secret of USA – Area 51

  There are many secret of USA, Like AREA 51, Churchill and Hitler’s Execution,My Lai Massacre,Operation Gladio,The Lost Bomb or etc.. AREA 51 It’s time for some...
secret of ravana

Who was Ravana and what’s his secret?

Ravana was very much real and there are n number of proofs which support this theory. The secret of Ravana was very hypothetical.There are...


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Why Hindus hate Muslims ?

There are many instances of religious Hindu Muslim violence against after the partition of India.These violence has always been a cause of concern. First...

Importance of Bhagavad Gita

why do we sneeze

Why does a person sneeze?

about twins

Facts about twins

Latest reviews

Why does a person sneeze?

Sneezing is one of our body’s natural defense mechanisms. It is essentially a complex physiological process designed to rid the  of  body foreign invaders...

Celebrities Who Married 4 or More Times

Kishore Kumar Taking regarding favourites of the movie industry, Kishore Kumar, referred as Kishore prosecuting attorney, married fourfold. The legendary singer married Ruma Guha Thakurta...

The 10 Bollywood Celebrities whose death has remained a secret.

  Madhubala It too ruled hearts of millions with her performance like Parveen Babi. Her movies like ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, ‘Howrah Bridge’ and ‘Mr and Mrs 55’ were...

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