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10 world best armies

10 Best Armies in the World whose answer is no.

10 World best armies : Armies have always been a very intricate and important part of the governments of any country. Every country prides...
myths about alcohol

About some interesting myth alcohol

Alcohol has been around since forever. However, there’s always been a lot of stigma attached with alcohol and drinking in almost all cultures. It...

Iraq: The most Dangerous Place on Earth

Most of the Irish and Britons have their roots from Iraq and Syria. The Martyr’s Monument in memory of warriors who died...

10 Bollywood Actors Having Criminal Records

  Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt has been a part of Indian film industry from decades. He has given some great movies for the industry, but he...
about mutual funds

Understand Mutual funds

About Mutual Funds, though we all would have heard this term a very few of us would have invested in Mutual fund. It is...
strangest names

Funniest and strangest names on earth.

Name is something which is very important. Every place has its own identity either by the food or culture or any other but what...
facts about church

Meaning of Going to Church

top car racers

15 Best Car Racers of The World

Racers, no matter which category they belong to, are definitely enviable. With fast cars, heroic survival stories and money involved, this has to be...
best wwe returns

Top 12 Mind-blowing WWE Returns And Their Chances Of Happening

CM Punk Outside of John Cena, CM Punk might have been the most popular Superstar of the last decade. He first had success in WWE’s...
Breeds of Dogs

25 Breeds of Dogs which are very Dangerous

Do you know who is the biggest breeds of dogs in the world. Here is a list of the 25 breeds of dogs that...


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10 Sexiest Indian wedding customs which are very important to be...

Kanyadaan The word Kanyadaan comprises of two different words, “kanya” meaning girl and “daan” meaning to give away. Basically, the ritual in a Hindu marriage...
facts about siri

What is Siri?

Best Offices

10 Best Offices of the World

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These 8 Stunning Railway Stations In India Will Leave You Speechless

Barog Barog's Railway Station is located immediately after the tunnel in Shimla, HP. tunnel. The Barog Tunnel has the distinction of being the most linear tunnel in...

Who was Ravana and what’s his secret?

Ravana was very much real and there are n number of proofs which support this theory. The secret of Ravana was very hypothetical.There are...

25 Awesome Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

Old things must go! This is where you should start – there’s no room for change if you don’t make it yourself. Open up your...

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